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PT Score®

Strong risk management processes are essential for the optimal performance of any organization. At Performance Trust, we develop solid methodologies to dynamically measure, manage and defend your risk and regulatory positions so that you can confidently pursue long-term performance. Through our proprietary risk management platform, PT Score, your institution can be armed with a comprehensive view of the risks your organization is taking, which enables you to make sound decisions with confidence.

Turn Risk Challenges into
Opportunities with PT Score

PT Score is a Strategic Risk Management System that helps financial institutions optimize performance through more effective management of risk and regulatory positions.

Through a proprietary scoring model built and supported by experienced industry experts, PT Score creates a dynamic new way to assess risks and make better long-term decisions.


How Does the PT Score Process Work?

Structural Risk Positions

Environmental Stress Positions

Industry/Peer Positions

Strategic Risk Decisions

Structural Risk

Provides a unique understanding of fundamental structural and regulatory risk positions that exist across a financial institution

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Environmental Stress

Explains how environment stresses (ex: credit, interest rate, operational) could potentially impact these structural and regulatory risk positions, including the direct impact on capital

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Explains how an institution's risk positions compare with peer performance measures and industry trends

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Strategic Risk

Provides a method to estimate and evaluate strategic scenarios that optimize the risk/reward proposition for the institution

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Still Need More Information?Download Our Fact Sheet cover

Still Need More Information?
Download Our Fact Sheet

Learn how PT Score provides you with an evaluation of your institution's risk positioning to make confident long-term strategic decisions.